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Commercial Credit Report (CCR)

In every phase of business cycle there is always requirement of funds to take the business to the next level. But a loan application should not rejected due to bad Company CIBIL Rank( CCR) .Like the individual CIBIL Score Banks have also started looking in to CIBIL Rank or Rating of firms before approving loan. According to Transunion CIBIL 70% Of all companies or firms who were sanctioned loans had a CIBIL Rank between 1 and 4 .1 is considered the best rating and 10 is considered the lowest rating on the scale of 1 to 10.

Credit Help India ,a leading Credit Health improvement company having offices in more than 21 cities have designed a special program to increase and rectify Company Credit Rating so that your loan application is not rejected due to low CIBIL Rating.

Salient Features of Commercial CIBIL Rating Improvement Program

  • Comprehensive Analysis of a Commercial Credit Report
  • Personalized Credit Expert
  • Identification and Resolution of Issues.
  • Tracking of Errors and Rectification
  • Step by Step Action Plan for enhancement of Credit Rating
  • Loan Assistance Program

Free Services for Directors/Partners

  • A Free Individual Credit Report for any 2 Directors/Partners
  • Free Credit Counselling session.
*DRT and Legal Expenses Actual & Extra
Price : INR 34999* to INR 1,50,000* Plust 18% GST


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