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How To Check Your CIBIL Score By Using Pan Card

How To Check Your Cibil Score By Using Pan Card

Your cibil score is one of the major factors that determine your eligibility, it also decides whether a bank or other financial institutions will grant you a loan or not.

A CIBIL score is a three-digit value that compiles your cibil score based on your credit history and your credit profile, respectively. The CIBIL Score is calculated within the range of 300 to 900. If you have high CIBIL ratings, you may have a greater possibility to attain a credit card or loan approval.

You can access your cibil score on the official website of CIBIL for free or by buying a subscription package monthly or annually. You can view the newest CIBIL Report once a year for free.

Here we are talking about checking CIBIL score by using pan card. You can easily access it by the simple steps given below.

Easy Steps to get your CIBIL score by using pan card

To get a Free Cibil Score, you need to follow the given steps.

1. Visit the official website of CIBIL.


3. Enter your basic details like your name, DOB, and gender.

4. Choose the option 'Income Tax ID Number (PAN) in the identity proof section and Enter your valid PAN number.

5. Now, enter your valid monthly income.

6. Fill in your permanent address, phone number, and mail id.

7. Click on the "submit", once you enter all the above details correctly.

Eventually, you will receive your FREE cibil score within 24 hours in your registered email address.

If you are purchasing a subscription to CIBIL, you get a Credit report by following steps.

1. Firstly, visit the official website of CIBIL.

2. Now, on the top right, click on the option GET YOUR CIBIL SCORE.

3. Now, choose the subscription plan.

4. Fill in your valid PAN Card number, mail address, and Date of birth

5. Now, accept all the terms and conditions and click on to pay the subscription amount.

6. You will now receive a cibil score and credit report on your registered Email Id shortly.

What if you don't have a PAN CARD?

It is not feasible to identify your CIBIL score without a PAN Card. It is the most valuable document of knowing your authenticity. The government of India handles the PAN card to track your financial data, essentially for taxation plans. Therefore, when credit agencies estimate a cibil score , they also access your actual income and past lending records, which will not be possible without a PAN card.

What happens if you change your PAN card?

PAN Card is your identity proof applicable for all financial activities. When your PAN Card gets lost or stolen, you can request a replacement. The new PAN Card will have the same details as the previous one; hence it won’t affect your CIBIL score.

Checking your cibil score by using a PAN card can be worthwhile. It helps to access your financial activities and creditworthiness. Hence it helps all the credit agencies to give your cibil score accurately. You can also check your CIBIL Score by using other alternatives like driving license, Voters ID or, passport.

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