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Commercial CIBIL score & report: Indicates the credibility of a business.
  • 2 Credit Reports During Program
  • Analysis of Credit Report
  • Identification of Errors
  • Issue Resolution
  • Personalised Credit Expert
  • 12 Credit Reports During Program
  • 9 Credit Reports During Program
  • Access to Senior Credit Expert
  • Score Improvnment Program

INR 44999*/ Valid for 06 Months

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Starting up a company is the boldest decision that you ever took in your life and we admire you for all the courage that you have shown till now. However, we also understand the rigorous work that goes behind it. Your dream of expansion of your business comes to a halt when your loan application is rejected due to low Commercial MSME Rank( CMR) and issues in your Commercial CIBIL. In such a scenario, Credit Help India is here to help you out. We have an exclusive Corporate Package that has been designed to address inaccuracies. issues in your Commercial CIBIL and low CMR.
Our Experienced Credit Expert does a 360-degree analysis of yours. We make you understand issues in your CIBIL Report and the reasons behind low CMR. A detailed and comprehensive plan is prepared on the basis of finding and observations and issue showing in CIBIL Report A stepwise step approach in close coordination with your Finance Team in a time-bound manner to fix issues. Simultaneously working is also done to enhance CMR.
The services rendered in the commercial package includes:
  • Detailed information on the Commercial CIBIL Report.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the credit report
  • A variety of ideas and strategies and issue resolution to improve CMR.
  • A personalized credit expert to help you throughout the process and streamline the undertakings ahead of you.
  • A dedicated and strategized score improvement plan to get you closer to achieve your determined goals. 
  • Four CIBIL Reports in the whole year to keep you updated with your enhanced potential on the market front.
  • Identifying dedicated tailor-made solution into place to secure enhanced CMR in the long run
  • Access to senior credit experts to help you understand the nuances of the proceedings.
  • One credit report along with a counseling session to any of the family member

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