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A credit score is very crucial in one’s financial success. CIBIL score act as a guide to the financial institutions which help to verify them the creditworthiness of the individual before granting for a loan. All the lending companies rely on the credit score of an individual to decide whether to sanction the loan or not.

The credit bureaus maintain the records of the companies and of all the individuals related to the loans and credit cards. A Credit score is a three-digit representation of the data typically ranging between 300 and 900. It is essential for an individual to have a healthy credit score ranging from 750 to 900. A good credit score helps in getting quick approval of loans and credit cards at low- interest rates. It also provides various credit card benefit like higher credit limit etc.

An individual should make efforts to explore his credit score and take steps on how to improve credit score instantly so that he does not face any difficulty in future for applying for loans or credit cards. To have a decent credit report the first step is to have a financial awareness.

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