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What Are The Benefits Of Good CIBIL Score?

What Are The Benefits Of Good CIBIL Score?

We will make a better choice whether or not we can trust anyone because we know them personally. But we decide to rely on the facts and figures if we don't know anyone well. This also refers to banks. The applicant is not directly identified. You don't know whether an individual borrows money for a specific reason or runs away with the money of the bank.

A credit scoring or a CIBIL scoring may be useful in such a situation. It is a financial conduct card of an individual. How were you about your payments in the past. This allows the bank to determine well whether or not its loan should be accepted. There are many advantages with a strong CIBIL ranking.

Importance Of CIBIL Scores

For someone who needs to borrow money from a bank or another financial institution at some point in life, CIBIL's score is very significant. The credit given is a matter of trusting the financial institution. And with a strong track record that can be done. That's exactly what a credit report is. It tracks how you were with previously borrowed money during your financial life.

Before approving their application and granting them any kind of credit, each lender shall check the applicant's credit or CIBIL score. More loans, including loans, credit cards and credit lines, are permitted. The better the chances of credit being accepted,

Benefits Of A Good CIBIL Score

Quick Loan Approvals

Your credit score or CIBIL score is the first thing a bank or financial institution considers when you fill out a loan application. You first feel like you're leaving on a possible lender. Your CIBIL score is not only the first, but also critical to your loan approval. You can be sure that your loan is accepted easily if you have a decent credit score. However, the lender might shy of authorising the loan if your credit score is not good, and you might need to wait longer to get your credit approval.

Lower Interest Rate Offers

You have an advantage over people who don't. If you have a decent CIBIL score. This helps you to negotiate and compare. A higher CIBIL score means more loan deals from the same loan providers and better offers. If you have an extremely good CIBIL score, you will benefit from other advantages, such as waiver of transaction costs, late payment and terms of prepayment.

Additional Offers

If anyone has a good credit score, banks and financial institutions want to preserve them as customers as they are a constant source of income (through interest). You would also still have advantages. Like waiving a credit card charge or insuring a free loan. This thing could help you save a lot of money over the long term.

Range Of CIBIL Score And Their Meaning
Score Indication
< 350 Poor credit score
350-500 Moderate credit score
500-700 Good credit score
> 700 Excellent credit score
  • < 350 (Poor credit score): This indicates that a person's previous loans had several defaults. A individual with a loan score lower than 350 is very at risk of providing a loan. A individual in this category has little chance of approval. For this applicant, most banks will not bid.
  • 350-500(Moderate credit score): This means the person has often failed to pay in his former loans. While the risk quotient associated with offering a loan is still very high, although these people are better off than the previous class. For an individual in this group, the chances of acceptance are very poor.
  • 500-700 (Good credit score): It's a decent place to remain in. The credit value of 500 is the minimum prerequisite for unsecured loans. As the competition is very strong, with this credit score you will get a loan but would be able to pay comparably higher interest rates.
  • > 700 (Excellent credit score): You do not have to worry if you fall into this category and satisfy the other criteria of the bank to which you apply. You'll get the best prices. You will also be able to negotiate a better deal and get credit card deals.

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