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What Are The Different Parts Of A CIBIL Report?

What Are The Different Parts Of A CIBIL Report?

What Constitutes A Credit Report

TransUnion CIBIL is India's first credit information company to hold monthly reports including credit and credit card data for citizens collected from banks and other financial institutions. A full document, which outlines your past credit history, such as your home loan, car loan, personal loan and the overdraft facility you have been given, is your CIBIL report or Credit record Report. It consists of six broad sections:

  • Personal information: In this section, Please include your name (PAN), date of birth, gender, passport, voter ID, ration card, driving licence and Unique Identification Number as shared with your bank). You must provide the information you want to know about.
  • Contact information: This section includes your permanent address, present or office address, along with the corresponding pin code. It also displays, where appropriate, your cell phone number, phone number and office phone no. This section also have shared email addresses.
  • Occupation Information: This section tells about your occupation .It captures whether you are employee or self employed.
  • Account information: This is your CIBIL report's most comprehensive and critical feature. The loan you have used over the years includes the names of the lenders, the form of credit you have earned (auto credit, personal credit, overdraft card, loan card), the date of opening and close of the lending, the remaining credit, the date of last payment, the present and the cumulative credit amount. In this section you will look up to a month-by-month record for 3 years of payment history. Any payment delay or irregularity is expressed here.
  • Enquiry information: You will see which credit institutions request or inquire about your credit background. The object and sum of the inquiry is also defined.
  • CIBIL score: This is a three digit number that is an indication of how a financial institution feels you are deserving of credit before they pay you credit. Your CIBIL score is a number between three hundred and nine hundred and a scoring over seven hundred is just the right thing number which will help you in availing loan or credit card .

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