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Zebpay is a crypto-exchange platform with the debut of Bitcoin wallet in India in October 2014. ZebPay is a renowned crypto-space brand, with 3,000,000 users (95% of India's home nation), 2 trillion USD fiat and $3 trillion crypto-currency trading in 160+ countries. A trading platform for cryptocurrency lets its customers to purchase, trade, store and utilise cryptography.

ZebPay is now among the most reputable bitcoin trading businesses in the world. The owner and CEO Rahul Pagidipati has claimed that the Bitcoin sector would grow to around 10 million by 2030. ZebPay is a platform located in Singapore which boasts its user base in nations such as the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Congo-Brazzaville, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and India.


1. Deposit and Withdraw INR: You may deposit and withdraw your Zebpay account using Indian Rupees. The sum of the INR can be utilised for cryptocurrency investments. You may use it to buy other cryptocurrencies after you have Bitcoins, Ethereum or USDT.

2. Accessible Across Platforms: Trading Zebpay takes place using mobile apps and online platforms. On either device such laptop, tablet, smartphone and pc that has an internet connection, both trading platforms may be accessed.

3. Fast Lightning Payments: Zebpay provides a free new protocol built upon Bitcoin that allows modest amounts to be paid quickly by scanning or copying invoices. The system now permits up to 10 transactions per day per transaction and up to 0.002BTC each transaction. 


1. Zebpay Transaction Charges: Taker costs are trade charges which occur immediately after the order has been placed. If you have to wait till the order matches, you have to pay Maker's costs. Zebpay provides various costs for manufacturers (0.15%) and borrowers (0.25%). Orders close to market pricing will instantly be carried out and the additional fees will have to be paid.

2. Zebpay Deposit Charges: No coin deposit fee is charged by Zebpay. All coins placed on your account are free of charge.

3. Zebpay Bitcoin Transfer Charges: Showing Bitcoin to any other wallet is a retirement transaction for Zebpay. Zebpay charges BTC for withdrawal fees of Bitcoin 0.00049.

4. Zebpay Withdrawal Fee: When you move your Bitcoin Zebpay charges withdrawal fees. The retirement fees are subject to minimum and maximum amounts and differ from currency to monetary.

5. Zebpay INR Deposit and Withdrawal Fees: Zebpay does not charge INR deposit fees on your account. Instead, Zebpay charges Rs. 10 as a withdrawal cost whenever you withdraw INR.

6. Zebpay Intraday Charges: You may buy/sell on Zebpay on intraday as well. Zebpay charges intraday rates of 0.10%. The cryptocurrency intraday begins at midnight.

7. Zebpay Membership Fees: A fee of 0,0001 BTC or equal of Rs. 60 per month is applied for Zebpay on the basis of current BTC pricing.


1. Zebpay App Review

Zebpay app supports you with a smartphone to trade in cryptocurrencies. The Zebpay app is iOS- and Android-compatible. The Zebpay exchange platform may be accessed straight from the application. Zebpay allows you to pay cash deposits and make crypto-pairs on your bank account.

2. Zebpay Wallet Review 

Being tied to your bank account, the Zebpay Bitcoin wallet let you safely keep roughly 98 percent of cryptos in cold wallets. This implies that your coins are safe and offline. But your Zebpay crypto assets are stored in a safe pool and not in private wallets. Zebpay allows you to transfer your crypto currencies or your own wallet to other exchanges.


The deposit & withdrawal of Rupees and bitcoin trading is entirely secure and lawful. Zebpay has been in the cryptographic exchange since 2014 but after a prohibition issued by the RBI, he had to conclude Indian activities.

Now Zebpay's back, which may take some time to complete operations, reorganises its activities.

Zebpay offers a low 0.10 percent intraday trade in crypto currencies and easy to use apps and trading platforms to start your business.

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