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Praveen Sharma
Friday, March 22, 2019

In recent times, CIBIL scores act as a guide to the financial institutions which help to verify the creditworthiness of the individual before granting a loan. One must know how to check cibil score online because all the lending companies rely on the credit score of an individual to decide whether to sanction the loan or not. The credit score has become more relevant in the present era of cut-throat competition in the business world. The credit scoring system measures the probability of an individual to pay off his debt on time. A CIBIL score is a three-digit numeric representation of the data typically ranging between 300 and 900.

In a cut-throat competition, no individual deals in a single banking transaction.The individual takes the loan for investing capital in the business, for expansion and diversification of business, and also to meet their personal needs, etc.

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If an individual wants to improve credit score then here are 6 way’s to Increase CIBIL Score Instantly:

Orderly repayment behavior:One of the most important steps to increase CIBIL score is to make repayments monthly on time because this has a great impact on the CIBIL score. The financially responsible repayment behavior helps an individual to build a healthy credit score and also creates confidence in the minds of the lender that an individual will repay the loan on time.

Maintaining a credit utilization ratio: Any financial institute would like to keep that individual on top of their priority list who has good credit history are honest and maintain repayment behavior. It is very essential to maintain a credit utilization ratio between 25%-30%. The credit utilization ratio is one of the necessary factors in determining your credit score. If the credit utilization ratio is between 25%-30% then it will create confidence in the minds of lenders that there is less risk involved for defaulting any payment.

A balanced combination of loans: If an individual wants to improve CIBIL score then he must maintain a balance between secured as well as unsecured loans. It depends on an individual who decides for what type of loan they select, which affects the CIBIL Score. An individual must keep a balanced proportion between secured and unsecured loans while choosing for the loan.

Revising credit report: Revising the credit report is an important part of an individual. It is because it shows your optimized credit report every time. There is always a time gap between the changes of any Information made in one’s credit report by an individual and a credit bureau. So an individual needs to keep a check on credit reports every six months to avoid any confusion for lenders.

Apply for a secured card: A secured credit card provides security to an individual in case of repayment and in applying for regular credit. It is generally supported by the deposit that an individual makes to open his account. A secured credit card helps eliminate the credit default risk involved in it. If in the future due to any reason loan buyers were not able to repay the loan amount then loan providers have the right to take the loan amount from the cash deposit made by the loan holder.

Apply for fewer loans and credit cards: In order to improve CIBIL Score instantly, one must access too few loans and credit cards and should maintain those loans. Applying for many loans gives a bad impression on the lender. There is more credit risk involved concerning multiple loans and sometimes borrower takes unfair advantage of the bank credit.

Therefore we can conclude that CIBIL is one of the essential tools that has helped the banks to know the real identity and ability of an individual to access loans and maintain them over time. An individual should follow and keep in mind the above steps to boost their CIBIL Score and always be careful about financial and credit- related information as it contributes to your Credit Report.

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