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Who Can Access My Credit Report?

A variety of entities can access your Credit Ratings and Credit Reports. Some of the organisations and individuals that can draw your reports or a ranking are here:

  • Banks: When you apply for a loan or Credit Crad Bank will pull out your Credit Report to verify your creditworthiness. And the less credible you are, the more likely you are to overwrite and give up your accounts. If you opt for overdraft facility , your credit will also be pulled, and this is known as a credit line.

  • Creditors: Present or prospective creditors — such as issuers of Credit Cards, Auto Loans and Credit Lenders — may draw the Credit Report to assess your creditworthiness. Credit history is an important factor in the assessment of whether a Loan or Credit Card is to be issued, and (b) the terms of that Credit Card or Loan. The higher your credit, the more likely it is that a loan with a positive interest rates would be accepted.

  • Employers: Now a days employers loke Banks, NBFCs and some of the IT companies have started checking Credit Report of a an employee before offering a job .So it is very critical that you keep your Credit Health and Credit Report in good shape that you job application is not rejected on the basis of bad Credit History.

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