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What Type of Information is Included in My Credit Report?

A number of information about your accounts, requests and public records is included in the credit report. In all your credit reports, you will also find the following kinds of detail, regardless of workplace.

Personal information

  • Complete name and other names, such as surnames before marriage, nicknames and your middle names, you might have used in previous loan applications.

  • Birth date

  • Current and prior addresses associated with your credit accounts.

  • Phone numbers associated with your credit accounts.


  • Current and historical credit accounts from the past, including revolving (Credit Cards) and installment accounts (mortgages and loans).

  • Name of the creditor/lender.

  • Opening date and/or closure.

  • Status, such as current or past due.

  • Credit limit (for credit cards) or loan amount.

  • Balances, such as current and highest.

  • Payment history.


  • Banks and Lending Institutions that have pulled your credit report.

  • When your report was accessed.

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