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What Can Be Considered As A Good Credit Score? 

An excellent credit score of between 750 and 900 is regarded. The banks, NBFCs and other online lenders prefer such a loan score to candidates. You can be assured that you are qualifying for any credit product if you have such a credit score. This allows you to consider the range and importance of the credit score.

Credit Score Range


What it means?

750 – 900


Eligible for low interest rates and higher approval chances.

700 – 749


Can become eligible for better interest rates.

650 – 699


The options are limited, but credit approval is possible.

600 – 649


Higher interest rates on loans and credit card approval could be harder.

Below 600

Immediate Action Required

Approval chances are very low.

The table shows very clearly that a loan score of 750 or higher is considered a positive loan score that could help you take advantage of many loan opportunities.

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