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To achieve a good health there is no shortcut. Time and careful effort are required to achieve it. Your credit health is subject to the same strategy. You can be new to the loan system or have a bad loan or improve your credit condition. Whatever condition you're in, your present status will still be changed.  To help you out, Credithelpindia has put together 5 important tips to improve your credit health.

1 Borrow Within Your Limits:

The first step in making wise borrowing decisions is to know your ability to withstand them. If you are a new borrower who wants to create a healthy credit, start small to manage your repayments efficiently. The lenders can try to bring you a variety of offerings, but they know their requirements and preferences. Even if you profit from the best credits or credit cards in many ways, make sure that your debts do not exceed 50% of your profits. If you have a bad credit, leave more credit and seek ways to clear your past loan problems.

2 Never Miss a Repayment:

A smart creditor pays back. However, what are the advantages of making repayments on time? Your payment is recorded and reported on the credit office based on your credit behaviour, which calculates your credit score. If your card bills or loan repayments are missing, your credit report will have a negative effect and eventually damages your credit value. Written off accounts, settled and foreclosed accounts are the results of such actions that make you unable to apply for a loan. You can choose Auto Debit to ensure your repayments are not missing. Your payment will be charged to your savings account automatically.

3 Keep a Tab on Your Credit Report:

Bad credit can also be due to a credit report error that you have not remedied because your credit report is not monitoring. You can review your credit score free of charge and provide a free credit report once a year.

4 Avoid Applying for Multiple Credits at a Time:

You could hunger for more loans to repay your present loans and bills for credit cards while you have a bad credit. Too many applications in this scenario mean that too many enquiries appear on your credit report and have a negative impact. Although a good mix of loans increases your loan score, you must also be able to manage it efficiently.

5 Keep Your Credit Card Balance Low:

This is for people who use credit cards exclusively. If you are below 30% of your credit card balance, you can gain a good credit score. A low credit utilisation ratio is an indirect indicator that your credit score does not exceed your expenditure.


Good credit health can open windows for financial opportunities. You can get low interest rates for loans and flexible reimbursement. Start small, and gradually build a robust credit health if you have not yet entered the credit world.

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