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How to Remove the Write-Off from the CIBIL Report?

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How to Remove the Write-Off from the CIBIL Report?

Thursday, September 29, 2022

A loan settlement present on your CIBIL credit report can take a toll on the overall credit score and also will reduce your chances of getting good offers on future loans. The financial institution always analyzes the credit report while addressing the application for financing. If your name is reflected in the CIBIL defaulter's list, your chances of getting financial support will reduce. Thus, people choose to look for how toremove write off from CIBIL report.

If you have suffered a similar issue recently, then the details here will be helpful for you.

Removing the write-off from the CIBIL report

Once you have defaulted on a debt, the lender will file a complaint in court. This results in a lawsuit. The lawsuits are made with an aim to help the banking or the financial institution get back the money they have lent to people. Thus, your information will be available in the public database. This becomes tough if you accidentally or purposely exceed the Rs.1 crore threshold or Rs.25 lakhs threshold.

Reaching out to the lender will be helpful for you. You need to consider asking them for an out-of-court settlement. Herein you will have to gurantee to make the payment of the entire amount that you owe to the lender. Once you have done that, the lender will have to withdraw the lawsuit against you. However, you must know that the case can only be withdrawn once you have repaid the total unpaid debt.

Now, you must contact the right party to update the CIBIL. Once you have successfully made the payment, and the same will be updated in the report. This is quite an easy way to remove the write-off from the CIBIL.

There can be another scenario where you can talk to the lender for some reduction in the final payment of the loan. They can agree to this with the aim of extracting some amount from you. Instead of making a repayment of the due amount, the lender agrees for you to pay less amount. The loss will now be taken up by the lender. However, the status of the settled account will stay on the CIBIL report for 7 long years. This can result in a lot of trouble for you in the future.

Tips to avoid write off

Instead of facing a situation where you have to look for how toremove write off from the CIBIL report, it would be helpful that you understand the tips that will allow you to avoid facing situations. Ultimately you need to ensure that you end up paying the entire amount to the lender. In case you aren't able to pay for a certain time, then speaking to the lender and understanding the options will be helpful. Remember, you cannot change things once it is done. Thus, you need to connect to the lender. Or there are two things you can do to avoid facing such situations. This includes.

  • Making payment of the borrowed amount on time in full. Make sure you avoid taking out a loan that you won't be able to pay back. Not repaying the loan on time can have a major impact on your CIBIL score.

  • You must keep an eye on the credit profile regularly. There is a possibility that due to some human error, your name might be reflected in the civil settlement list. Thus, you need to remove the settlement status from the profile.


When your CIBIL report shows a write-off, you will need help to get financing for the purchase of a car, home or business. Thus, it is extremely important that you take proper measures to avoid facing such situations. In case the times are tough, it would help to look for how toremove the write-off from the CIBIL report and analyze the options available to you. With this, you can take measures on time and have a better chance of correcting the defaulter issue. Even if you cannot make a payment for a specified time connecting with the lender will help. You will find some alternative options to avoid getting the write-off mark on your credit report.

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