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A credit report is a report that summaries your credit history. This report includes information about your credit and loan history, as well as other personal information. Credit reports are used by banks and financial institutions to make important lending decisions. Your credit score is also included in your credit report. A credit score is a three-digit number that represents the entire credit history. Until approving your loan or credit request, banks will always review your credit score. A high score means that you have good money management skills and pay your bills on time. A low ranking, on the other hand, is bound to raise doubts about your financial reputation.


  • Step1: Visit Credithelpindia Website and click on Get Credit Report
  • Step2: Enter your details.
  • Step3: Verify your mobile Number with the OTP.
  • Step4: Mention details such as name, email and PAN number.
  • Step5: Get your free Credit Report.


  • How is my credit score calculated?

Your credit score is based on how you've handled credit in the past. All activities relating to your credit conduct are given weight, from submitting a credit application to its acceptance or rejection, and then to repayment or default on a credit product. Your credit score is influenced by a variety of factors.

  • Who can access my Credit Report?

Your credit report is a private document that is not accessible to the general public. Only you and the lender to whom you apply for credit have access to your report. Your credit report is only accessible to your lender if you have applied for credit, such as a loan or a credit card. Lenders would not be able to read your credit report in any other conditions.

Even, if you sign up for Credit Improvement Service, the approved agent will have access to your credit report, but only with your permission. Recently, some employers have asked for credit reports to be sent for verification; however, you must provide these. Your employer would not have access to your Credit report.

  • Would checking my Credit Score cause it to decrease?

There are two types of inquiries when it comes to checking your credit score. One is a hard investigation, which occurs when banks or financial institutions run your credit report through the credit bureaus. This is only achieved when you apply for credit, such as a loan or a credit card. The other type of inquiry is a soft inquiry, which occurs when you review your own credit score on websites such as ours or with the credit bureau. This method of testing your credit score is absolutely secure and has no negative consequences for your credit score. In reality, our experts recommend that you review your credit scores as much as possible to maintain a good credit score.

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