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Can I Have More Than One Credit Report?

One comprehensive report can be downloaded once a year from any of the Credit Bureaus, free of charge, via electronic form.
A credit information report (CIR) provides descriptions of a credit information company's credit history. There are currently four Credir Bureaus(CIC): TransUnion CIBIL , Equifax Credit Information Services Pvt, Experian Services India Pvt Ltd, and Highmark CRIF Pvt. Ltd
The lender asks credit bureaus for your credit report at time you apply for a loan. The details demonstrates how you treat your credit and your monthly payments.
A score of 300–900 is assigned based on this information. The score for the same person with different bureau varies to a certain degree, but not dramatically, because the underlying data are generally equal. The score changes may be due to the weight provided by different offices and their algorithms to various categories of knowledge.
Generally, your credit report must be bought. You must exchange information online, such as date of birth, PAN and email address, in order to purchase online. However, one comprehensive report from every office can be obtained from each office free of charge once a year. This includes all the specifics of a bank's request for a fresh loan in a similar paper. It is also possible, via a dispute settlement procedure, to correct any possible errors.
These reports can be obtained through the web pages of the credit bureaus.

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