5 useful ways to increase cibil score in India

5 Easy Ways: A Facelift to Your Credit Score

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5 Easy Ways: A Facelift to Your Credit Score

Praveen Sharma
Friday, January 18, 2019

Do you know your cibil score? In times when you’re short of money and having difficulties while trying to keep your head above water, the last thing that would come to your mind is “how to improve my credit score?” Nevertheless, it’s a worthwhile goal to set as it can not just help to get you offers with lower interest rates, but make your financial situation better in the long run as well. Even if, your existing financial picture isn’t really encouraging, still you can make significant headways to perk up your credentials with these top 5 approaches and achieve a good credit score.

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1. Keep a regular watchful eye on your credit report

You should monitor your credit report on a habitual basis. Because, on many occasions, you may encounter issues arising either due to technical glitches or with the lender, which in turn can hamper your score with no default on your part. The error must be redressed at the earliest to stay away from further confusion. In case, you come across such errors, either apply online for the rectification or approach the concerned authorities immediately.

2. Fight shy of your extreme greed of credit

You must know that recurrent inquiries in excess about your credit score and database by established credit bureaus exhibit the borrower’s credit hungry behavior. Such circumstances usually emerge owing to simultaneously availing too many loans, for example, personal, education, car loans etc. It’s recommended that an individual doesn’t resort to more than two loans at the same time. This is a sure-fire way to improve credit score.

3. Maintain a strategic distance from missing payments

This is another vital point you must know about how to improve your credit score. Paying the outstanding back to your creditors on time sounds a good idea. Particularly if you've got a profusion of cash. But what if you’re strapped? In that case, you can go ahead with paying the minimum amount due. By and large, it's not to your best advantage to just make payment of the minimum amount. This means you’ll need to settle up your balance over an extended time period and end up paying heaps of interest. If you carry high outstanding amounts, your credit score gets negatively impacted.

Nonetheless, if only paying the minimum amount is all that you can afford, you're better off paying it timely than not paying back anything at all. When you gather some money to spare, you can make extra payments towards narrowing your balance at any point in time.

4. Keep up a healthy combination of credits

You must make sure that your portfolio has an agreeable mix of credit types. To explain more clearly, for instance, secured loans like home loans against collaterals is a great way to improve credit score as they help to foster long-term appreciating assets. Conversely, unsecured loans like personal loan, car loan, credit card debt affect your credit score adversely. Hence, it’s always advised to try and maintain a diverse range of credits that are good for you.

5. Maintain an optimum card utilization ratio

It’s imperative for you to know that one-third of your credit score depends on the credit card utilization ratio, which is defined as the percentage of your spending on your credit limit. This aspect of your credit score takes into account the overall usage of your credit. It also considers the available credit on your card. Now you would surely like to understand how to improve cibil score by knowing your credit card utilization ratio. It’s always suggested to not exceed this ratio beyond 40%. This betters the propensity to build on your credit score so that you can apply for credit cards or loans in future without any hassle.

Enjoying a decent credit score doesn’t imply that you’ve countless pots of money. It all has to do with settling on the correct choices with what you already have. To make the right decisions, you need to pick up the tricks of the credit scoring game. Yes, the moves aren’t too hard to grasp. Follow them. And Voila! Your finances can take the leap forward.

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