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How to get a Credit Card without CIBIL score?

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How to get a Credit Card without CIBIL score?

Monday, February 5, 2024


The CIBIL score is one of the most important elements to consider when it comes to the process of credit card concerns. The banks and financial institutions rely greatly before approving or rejecting a credit card application as the CIBIL score is the pathway through which the outline of a credit card begins.

Credit cards are a form of non-secured lending that financial institutions highly depend on your creditworthiness. Generally, applicants with excellent credit scores are eligible for the best credit cards available in India.

Even if you do not have a credit history or a credit score developed yet, there are many ways in which you can get a credit card for your regular usage. Come let us understand how to get the credit card without having a CIBIL SCORE!


When you get in touch with any bank or lending institution for a loan or credit card, CIBIL score calculation is the mandatory and the initial step. CIBIL's full form is Credit Information Bureau India Limited. It is the credit score given to individuals by these credit rating agencies called TransUnion CIBIL, Experian, CRIF High Mark & Equifax.

CIBIL SCORE is the three-digit number that is derived on the basis of your credit history found in the Credit Information Report and consists of records related to your loan repayments.

When it comes to the four reputed credit rating agencies in India, these four agencies are proven to be the best ones: TransUnion CIBIL, Experian, CRIF High Mark & Equifax whereas CIBIL maintains credit records of over 600 million or more than that of an individual. It is authorized by the Reserve Bank of India and is the most unique one for major lending institutions in the country at large.

Why is CIBIL Score Important for getting a credit card?

A CIBIL score is very much important because it helps in the following ways ;

CIBIL Score helps know the credit status of the person who is applying for the credit card. It is to be believed that the person who manages his finances well will always have a higher CIBIL Score. A lower CIBIL Score clearly indicates that the applicant has low creditworthiness and banks refrain from issuing credit cards to such applicants.

If the person has a very sustainable CIBIL Score, the institution may grant him a credit card with one of the best benefits and with minimum paperwork, the sound and reputable the CIBIL score the chances of getting the credit card with some amazing benefits increases.

The chart of value of CIBIL score is mentioned below;

The RANGE of credit scores that will give the insights of how the credit history should looks like,

The TYPE of CIBIL SCORE The range of the CIBIL SCORE
1. Excellent 777-900
2. Good 715-777
3. Average 661-714
4. Poor 300-660


What is the ideal CIBIL score for getting a regular credit card?

Always keep in mind that a CIBIL score between 700-900 is considered to be a good number and can act as a tool to infuse confidence in the lender thereby proving your creditworthiness.

Such CIBIL scores will help you get quicker approvals for your Credit Card. It signifies that you have maintained a healthy credit history and you can manage your credit well by repaying the amount on time, proving that you are a trustworthy & professional individual who can pay off your debt in time.

How To Get a Credit Card Without CIBIL Score?

For all those people who have no CIBIL score or have a low CIBIL score, for them it becomes difficult to get a regular credit card, but yes, it is not impossible. So in the same concern, to get a regular credit card without having a CIBIL score, an individual can try doing the below-given things:

  1. Apply for a secured credit card

    The most convenient & the approachable process that an individual can turn to while looking to get a credit card without having a CIBIL score. A secured credit card is a credit card that can be used by all those applicants who have no credit score.

    To avail of a secured credit card, the individual needs to open a fixed deposit account with a bank from which the being wishes to avail the secured card and make a deposit. The bank then will issue a credit card to the individual with a credit limit between 50 to 100 % of the total deposit made as per their banking terms and conditions.

  2. Get an add-on on a credit card

    Getting the availing facility on a credit card is another way for an individual to build his/her CIBIL score.

    An add-on credit card can be assisted by the individual if he/she has a primary credit cardholder in the family. An add-on credit card comes with similar advantages and features as the primary credit card that the family member consists of. Along with that, the credit limit that was on the primary credit card is now shared between both the cards, that is the primary and the add-on credit card holder.

    In concern to the same case, the individual can still avail themselves of the benefits of the add-on credit card as well as use it during unforeseen times like financial emergencies.

  3. Use your salary statement

    Yes, you can get a credit card while using your salary statement because it is not impossible to get a credit card if you don't have a job or proof of income as credit card providers look for the next available method to understand and analyze your repayment capacity.

    A salary statement is the mirror of how much you earn and do you hold the capacity to repay the utilized credit from the bank.

  4. Credit card against savings account

    Credit cards are offered against savings accounts only by very few or rare of the central banks in the country.

    This is another pathway using which an individual can get himself/herself a credit card without having a CIBIL score. So to get a credit card based on the savings account that the individual possesses, he/she will have to deposit a specific amount of money in the account for the bank to provide an individual with a credit card.

  5. Choose prepaid Debit Card

    One other well-proven method of getting a regular credit card from banks and financial institutions without possessing a CIBIL score is by getting the benefit of a prepaid credit card

    This is a great idea for individuals who have a bad credit score. Prepaid Debit cards are offered by all the major banks in India to people who possess a bad CIBIL score or lack in having a credit history.

    A prepaid credit card can be used by individuals by putting in a specific amount of money and using it just like an individual uses a prepaid mobile connection.

How to get a credit card in India?

The basic structure of the application process for credit cards remains the same irrespective of the bank in question. Let us understand the process :

1Decide the type of credit card you need

When it comes to getting the credit card, you surely will get plenty of options.

Say for example, if you travel frequently, a ‘travel credit card’ will give you special discounts on your flight or hotel bookings and access to airport lounges on the other side with an ‘entertainment credit card’, you will get offers on movie tickets while business owners stand to benefit from ‘business credit cards’ that come with the option of advance credit.

So, the first step in procuring a credit card is to be sure of the card that you want.

  1. Fulfill the eligibility criteria before you apply for the credit card

    Times have changed now as getting a credit card is easier than ever before, and most banks offer tempting offers to attract new credit card users. All you need to do is to see that you fulfill the age and income criteria before applying for a credit card.

    The second step would be to have a steady income to be eligible for such a card based on your income portion you will be eligible for different credit cards with varied features. At the same time, there is also the regulation of an add-on credit card that may be linked to the credit card of any of your family members.

  2. Keep the set of documents handy

    You always need to make sure that you have all the necessary documents handy before you apply for a credit card. The list is as below;

    1. An income proof in the form of IT returns;
    2. Payslip
    3. Bank account statements and these documents will be needed for every credit card applicant.

    Along with the above-listed documents, you may need a passport size and a copy of your PAN card.

  3. Decide on the mode of payment of your credit card

    As soon as you apply for a credit card, you need to decide on the mode of credit card bill payment that is the most convenient for you.

    For those getting things done the traditional way, most banks allow customers to walk up to their nearest branch and make their credit card payment in cash. In such a situation, you can expect a processing fee.

    The other way of doing the payment is that you mention your credit card number in the CHEQUE and put it in any of the drop boxes found in the ATM.

    Having clarity on the mode of credit card bill payment while applying for the card will help make things very easy for you. Thus, you see that the process of applying for a credit card is quite hassle free, and if you have your papers handy, the clearance is convenient.

Other Factors Considered for Credit Card Eligibility Criteria in India

  1. Income of the applicant

    Now, this is important as the level and proficiency of your income will let the bank decide how capable you are for paying the credit used, the higher and sound the level of your income the chances are you will get the best credit card available to you.

  2. The age of the applicant

    It is one important point to keep in mind that an individual must be at least 18 years old. However, some of the banks have a minimum necessity of 21 years as a mandatory rule to follow. The maximum age requirement also differs, and it generally reaches to the age bar of 60 years.

  3. The existing debt of the applicant

    During the process of your card, the card provider will also check and verify your credit utilization ratio. If your dues exceed the available limit, it may create a negative impact on the approval of your application.

  4. Nationality criteria of the applicant

    While applying for the credit card there also comes the stage where the nationality of the applicant will be checked. In the same way, citizens, residents, and non-residents can also apply for credit cards subject to conditions issued by the respective banks.

    However, there are a little less cards that are only available for Indian citizens.


In a nutshell, getting a credit card without a CIBIL score can be a challenging thing, but it is not impossible to get one as it requires a strategic approach and a willingness to build your credit history from scratch.

You can start by applying for secured credit cards, becoming an authorized user on a family member's card, or just start on credit builder programs and at the same time it is also essential to maintain good financial habits, such as timely bill payments and responsible credit utilization and soon you will see the establish a positive credit history.

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