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Human beings are living creatures and these very habits have the potential to create a positive credit rating. The lessons of our family and their lives early in our lives shape various aspects of our lives, including our financial habits – like spending and borrowing. However, it's much more than spending and borrowing to build a positive credit profile and does not happen overnight. Whilst a loan can be obtained without a loan value, you have to practise accountable loan behaviour. How to start uncertain? You should remember five credit customs here to create a positive credit score.

  • Plan your Financial Goals & Priorities

Planning and weighing all credit options for our families and loved ones is essential. Most lenders assess your debt-to-income reimbursement capacity. Planning and prioritising your financial goals. Try to maintain your debt obligations far below your earnings. Ideally, before you borrow you should consider maintaining your EMI ratio income and try to keep it below 30%.

  • Managing Credit Limits

You only need credit if you really need it and are reimbursed. Be careful how often you apply for credit cards. With an extended credit limit, a credit card is good, but keeping a low credit use ratio and spending well within the card limit is a good habit. Higher loans will only raise your loan load and can only influence your repayment skills later. Follow always your credit transactions, especially your activity with your credit card. Do not attempt to maximise your lines of credit. Automatic transfers and an emergency fund may also be selected to reduce delays. In brief, anything that indicates that a liability is not being performed damages your credit.

  • Budgeting

Monthly and annual budgeting, lending and reimbursement assist you in planning for rainy days. This will also help you keep up with payment and show credit to lenders. One of the most important factors of the CIBIL score is the history of payments. The rule of thumb is to have an emergency fund of about three month's pay and avoid defaults, repossessions, foreclosures and collections from third parties. This fund will also help you in unfavourable times fulfil your credit commitments and unavoidable expenses.

  • Keeping Old Accounts

Ancient accounts are like old friends not to be forgotten, since they reflect the history of credit. Holding a longer account is good credit practise, since the credit score often depends on the use of the credit. Closing accounts will also often reduce your loan availability and harm your credit profile. Try holding accounts open if you have a clear history of payments and a poor or null balance.

  • Healthy Credit Mix

A balanced credit mix between secure and unsecured loans is important. An unsecured fast loan will help you meet short-term credit criteria so try balance by taking secure loans such as car loans or home loans in order to balance your portfolio and have a good credit outcome. Do not, however, borrow excessively, as the debt load rises. Call for various types of loans and build a credit score according to your needs.


When you start your credit journey with a loan or a credit card, you build a credit footprint. This footprint contributes to the credit and CIBIL Score growth. CIBIL Score is the credit profile's 3-digit numerical overview. It is between 300 and 900. It represents your loan and credit behaviour. This makes it crucial that you demonstrate and exploit good lending habits, as lenders use this CIBIL scoring to determine your credit profile, behaviour patterns and repayment habits. Financial discipline is the best way to create healthy long-term lending habits. It is important to build a good credit profile and you can see how it has a positive effect on other aspects of your life.

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