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Credit Help India (CHI) is a respectedcredit advisory service in India with an extensive network across 21+cities. CHI was founded with the single-minded goal of helping clients achieve positive credit worthiness and financial freedom. In order to cater to this vision, we got on board a panel of professionals with years of experience and specialized knowledge. Credit Help India differentiates itself from similar offerings in the industry by providing packages that are result oriented yet cost effective.

Our services range from creating credit awareness, helping clients build and restore credit health to providing specialized loan advisory services. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Faridabad, Haryana with a regional office in Jaipur, Credit Health India’s vision is to initiate their clients across the country on the path of consistent financial awareness and freedom. 

Advantage Credit Help India

  • Managed by experts with years of experience and specialized knowledge
  • Present in 21+ cities across India
  • High impact & effective products
  • Affordably priced packages that fit your various needs
  • Personalized attention and customer orientation
  • Result oriented services
Who Are We

Credit Help India is a leading premium Credit Advisory Company providing services to clients across 21 cities in the country. It is backed by a panel of experts armed with years of experience and focused expertise in the field. Our goal is to help our clients tackle tricky financial situations and achieve financial freedom by strengthening the foundation of their credit health. From exploring your credit score and analyzing it, to building and boosting it - we take care of your credit worthiness from inception to completion.

Our packages are designed to fit every budget so there is something for everyone. Over and above, we offer a range of specialized services. We, at Credit Help India, are here to help.



Credit Help India is a solution provider for their customers to get loans and to improve CIBIL Score at maximum. It is an online financial platform to help their customers or clients credit score to maintain or to improve the credit score and save money. Credit help India is a leading and premier credit advisory company run by professionals who have experience with larger period of time. It helps their clients/ customers to boost or build their credit score value of CIBIL Score and rating. It helps their customer by providing free credit score and with wide range of analytical assessments, helps them to understand the credit status and its importance and provides them knowledge about credit score. Credit Help India is the first of its kind in the industry, aims at providing awareness of credit worthiness, which helps to maintain and manage the credit score.

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Comprehensive Analysis of the Credit Report
Identification of Errors
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Personalised Credit Expert
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4 Credit Report in a year
One credit report and a counseling session to one family member *
Lost Wallet protection **
Access to Senior Credit Expert
Identity Theft Protection **
Basic Package
3 Months
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9 Months
Premium Package
12 Months
Exquisite Package
12 Months
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12 Months


Credit Help India is a solution provider to their clients. Their credit advisory in India with an extensive network about 21+ cities. Credit Help India (CHI)’s main motive is to gain good credit scores to their clients. Creditworthiness of CHI is their main motive. CHI works a bridge, helps their customers by providing valuable advice to increase or achieve credit worthiness and get loan. In order to help their customers, they have panel of professionals with much experience and have specialized knowledge. CHI works as a connecting bridge, helps their customer to achieve their goal and dreams. They provides,
  • Advice to their customers
  • Provides knowledge about credit worthiness
  • Boost their credit score
  • Providing free CIBIL Score and their credit report
  • Helps their clients to get loans by improving credit score
  • Credit booster, credit builder, credit analyzer, credit explorer is what CHI is originally.
  • Being a guide, CHI guides their clients to fulfill their dreams.
Credit Help India is founded in 2014, Headquartered in Faridabad, Haryana with a regional office in Jaipur. Its vision is to begin their customers across the country on the way of consistent financial freedom and awareness.


Credit inquiry is for the purpose of checking the credit value which is viewed by banks, financial institutions who are allowed to view the credit value. For easy analysis this inquiry is classified into two types as hard inquiry and soft inquiry. Hard inquiry is used for the lending decision by the credit card lender who is lending from financial institution for car loan or credit card. Hard inquiry is also called as hard pulls which means it will either affects the credit card value by lowering or without affecting the credit value. This inquiry is mostly used for getting the loan for first time or applying new credit card. If you want to buy a handful of credit cards then you have to think twice because it may cause difficulties for the credit score improvement. It may also consider as a high risk customer who are applying for the handful of credit cards. It generally takes two years to decrease the credit reports. Soft inquiry is used to check your credit value as your background verification. Because of this process this will not affect your credit score unlike hard inquiry. Soft inquiry is also known as soft pulls which is valued without your notification. For example in the company, the employee can be soft inquired before hiring for the work. This is only visible to you when you check the credit reports.


For company, business, or for home, personal expenses, the sudden need of money is being managed or made helpful to you by loans. Your dreams are achieved by attractive loans with low interest rate. The biggest beliefs of people regarding loans were loans are only for rich. But the truth is “In India, banks provide loans to all eligible candidates”. Whether you need loan for home, personal, car, education, or loan against your property or gold, Credit Help India is being helpful to perfectly get a loan for your needs.
Types of loans
  • Home Loan
  • Personal Loan
  • Car Loan
  • Education Loan
  • Loan against Gold Loan
  • Loan against Property Loan
  • Balance Transfer
  • Loan against Security


Credit score is an statistical value which is used to calculate or evaluate the credit worthy by credit history. Credit score plays an important role for offering loan or not. If the person has good credit score then the loan will been given with minimum interest. Otherwise the process will not done for our expectation.


CIBIL score is an three digit numeric value which determines the approval of loan. The ranges for CIBIL score is from 300-900. If the score is nearer to 900 then approval for loan is easy and it is called good CIBIL score. If the score value is lesser than 750, then approval for loan is difficult to process or it will cause to reject the loan process.


Credit score is calculated by four credit bureaus in India and they are CIBIL, Equifax, HighMark and Experian. CIBIL score is popular among the other bureaus of credit score. Also Equifax and Experian type of bureaus used by many lenders for credit loan. Basically CIBIL score and Equifax is used to value the amount of loan or type of loan plays major role. The convenient loan will be given according to the CIBIL score.


Bad credit score is calculated according to the process done by delay in payments, length of the history, too many accounts opened

Credit Booster

  • Clear your credit report
  • Pay your balances regularly
  • At least pay at once a month
  • Credit limit being increased
  • Open a fresh account
  • Negotiate the balances outstanding
  • Authorized use

Credit Builder

To build the credit score value of CIBIL Score credit builder is being useful. Credit builder is giving value up to the score value. The community banks or credit union banks is being useful to get small amount of loan. By getting secured credit cards or unsecured credit card is to build the credit score value. The CIBIL score ranges are from 300-900 and the good CIBIL score range is above 750, if the individual has good score then the unsecured credit card will be available. If the individual has lesser CIBIL score then the unsecured credit card will not be possible.

Unsecured credit card

The unsecured credit card will be available without any security for the individuals. This is based on the credit card score with the help of CIBIL score ranges which is to be in the good ranges. The unsecured credit cards are given to the individual who has a good income value. The credit card scores are noticed and the score ranges should not decrease for this card. If the credit card balance is settled on or before the due date then CIBIL score ranges will be in increase rate. The credit card usage should be below 30% to gain the CIBIL score and the credit card should be used effectively again and again. There is another type of credit card which is explained below.

Secured credit card

Secured credit card is a next type of credit card; it is being useful to the individual who is rejected or not applicable for the lender who gives loan amount to the individual. Secured credit card is not like unsecured credit card. It has security to be provided for the bank or the financial institution. Security is given to get this secured credit card. The person who is not earning and new to hold a credit is not eligible to hold a unsecured credit card. Secured credit can be easily held by new credit holders.

Credit card balance transfer

Credit card balance transfer is transferring the credit balances of one or more credit cards to one credit card with lower interest rate or zero percent interest rate on particular period of time. This balance transfer of loan amount helps to maintain the lesser interest rate or low interest rate.
  • By maintaining the credit values in one credit card.
  • Paying interest at lower rate of interest.
Make sure to repay the debt amount before introductory period will get over to lower or zero percent interest rate. Not able to pay the amount of debt or credit card amount which is being transferred before the time period will cause certain percent of interest to add on for monthly payment.

Improve credit score if it is low

  • Avoid late payment or miss any payment
  • Check your credit balance and reports on daily basis
  • Wrong entry may include in credit in transactions met, within 30days wrong entry should remove from the transaction entry.
  • Avoid applying for more credit card or loans at the same time.
  • Credit utilization must in between 30 percent to 40 percent. 30% and below of it will be good for good credit score. Protection Status

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