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What Is Free Credit Counselling Session?

What Is Free Credit Counselling Session?

A free budget and credit counselling session will assist you with debt repayment, cost savings, a potential scheme and financial peace of mind. During your session, you will be told by a certified credit counsellor:

  • Free Credit Report Review.
  • Personalized Action Plan and Budget.

Credit card debt overwhelmed? Is the bad credit worried? Will you like to purchase a home or retirement plan? Our licenced credit advisors will give you the practical guidance you need to achieve them regardless of your financial objectives.

How It Works

You can read more if it sounds like a budget and credit counselling session might help you.

  • Meet with your credit counsellor: Counsellors may meet face to face, online or on the phone. Your consultant will begin your session by evaluating the current situation and addressing your financial priorities and concerns.
  • Develop a budget and action plan: You will create a strategy and budget in coordination with your advisor to achieve your objectives. Your advisor can suggest a debt management programme as part of your action plan to help pay off your debt in safe and convenient manner.
  • Review and execute your financial plan: A written summary and other recommendations, tactics and useful information will be provided by your consultant. Your plan of action will be submitted. Then you will be set for your financial targets.
  • Follow up: If warranted, your counsellor will track your progress within 8 days to see if you need additional assistance. Furthermore, you can schedule a follow-up session if you are ever in trouble, during which your counsellor can help to change your budget, support and answer any questions you may have.

Who Can Benefit From Credit Counseling?

Are you wondering whether credit counselling is right for you? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you put more than 20% of your income toward non-mortgage debt?
  • Do you struggle to make your monthly payments?
  • Do you live pay check to pay check with little or no savings?
  • Do you pay with credit cards because cash is not available?
  • Do you think about how much easier life would be if you could repay your debt?

You are not alone if you replied "yes" to any of them. Thousands of customers have credit card accounts, medical bills, car payments and other financial obligations behind them. These debts will spiral away and make life a burden on a daily basis.

A credit counselling session will help you regain control if you believe you're in over your head. Our credit consultants can explain your options and help you to withdraw from debt.

Moreover, your credit counselling session will provide advice and a plan to help you achieve important financial goals such as:

  • Buying a home.
  • Buying a car.
  • Saving for emergencies.
  • Funding retirement.
  • Sending your children to college.
  • Planning for a vacation.

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