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Credit Help India: Demonetization Is A Bold And Important Decision Taken By Honorable PM to Curb Black Money

New Delhi 21st December 2016: Demonetization is a bold and important decision taken by Honorable PM Shri Narendra Modi to curb black money, to address corruption, to check terrorism and to Make India a cashless economy.

Cash strive Banks now would be having excess cash. Interest rates and inflation are bound to come down. In such scenario Banks will start lending aggressively and demand for loan shall grow many folds. Role of Credit score will play a major role in accessing the benefits of cheap loans from Banks. A Person who is having Bad CIBIL would face difficulties in accessing financing facilities and he has to improve CIBIL score.

CreditHelpIndia is a leading Credit management company which facilitates such customers who have not been granted loans due to their low cibil score and poor credit history. Credit Help India founded by two Ex Bankers, Mr Saurabh Kapil and Mr Praveen Sharma are catering to such customers PAN India. Many customers have already availed service of Credit Help India and have accessed loans who were earlier declined Loans and Credit Cards due to their bad cibil and poor credit history.

Saurabh Kapil says that good credit health is very important to avail financial services and Credit Cards. Rate of interests is expected to come down and demand for Home Loan, Personal Loan, Auto Loan and Credit Cards will increase. A person who is having a low CIBIL score will be denied to avail these benefits. So good credit history and good CIBIL are very important.

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